Sculpture & Mixed Media

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Butterflies in Plexi Sticks & Stones Cornucopia
woodpecker-wine-barrel-w.jpg (121998 bytes) salamanders-escaping-from-suitcase-w.jpg (100223 bytes) giraffe-in-a-cup-w.jpg (120217 bytes) dandelion-Phil-w.jpg (156664 bytes) helios-w.jpg (206530 bytes)
Woodpecker Wine Barrel Salamanders Escaping From Suitcase Giraffe in a Cup Dandelion Phil Helios
Peacock-in-the-park-w.jpg (203587 bytes) octopus-in-a-cup-w.jpg (71999 bytes)

Exotical-Tropical.jpg (944869 bytes)

VW-bus-w.jpg (109339 bytes) house-tree-w.jpg (134909 bytes)
Peacock in the park Octopus in a Cup Exotical Tropical VW Van

Tree House

Dotty-Condor.jpg (1113548 bytes)

Bolt-imore-Aquarium.jpg (1608097 bytes)

Knotty-Giraffe.jpg (598748 bytes)

Willowsford-stained-glass.jpg (851443 bytes)

Rumble-Bee.jpg (1137830 bytes)

Dotty Condor Bolt-imore Aquarium Knotty Giraffe Willowsford stained glass Rumble Bee
Archway.jpg (289150 bytes) Blossom.jpg (324630 bytes) Village-at-Leesburg-Cobb.jpg (316891 bytes)
Village at Leesburg


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